Our Team

Tim Manley

CEO - Owner

Committed with Exceptional customer service, and Out of the box Innovatovr with utmost sincerity!

Tammy Bowers

VP of Sales & Business Development

Enjoys working with people, businesses & nonprofits, putting smiles on faces Making a Difference in the community & building customer relations!

Click & Change Direction To Your Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

Meet Our Creative Development Team

Dan Adler

Video Designer/Developer

Starting out ....

Crystal Forde

Video Designer/Developer

Starting out ....

Michelle Miller

Starting out ....

Andrea Ratajczak

Starting out ....

D.J. Bozentka

Has a passion for software engineering, web development & tacos. Recent graduate of High Point University with a Computer Science & Business Administration Dual Degree.

Robert Henggeler

Software & Web Engineer who enjoys eletrical engineering side projects & burritos.

Angela Davids

When you're not sure what you want t osay or you aren't quite sure how to say it best, Angela makes the magic happen.

It's All About Getting Your Message Across

You have probably seen the large & small billboards over the years, but nothing like our "Out of the Box" advertising experience! On the Move Marketing (OTM) has three high graded MEGA mobile digital billboards, accenting your already established advertising providing you with a presence and visibility on the road throughout Maryland reaching a larger target market! audience!.

We encourage our customers to be apart of their creative process, where by you can create, develop and or change your ad monthly, weekly or daily. You can create your own high resolution digital images or YouTube video or commercial. We also offer our exceptional Creative Innovative Development team. We will display your message where by impacting the consumers with a vivid and spectacular colorful presence on the road, opening up conversations, as well as branding your message for all to see. Conversations will be shared with friends, families, local merchants, government, public service announcements and various charities from our displaying your message on our Mobile Digital Billboard Truck that they saw on the road continuing to brand your message!

We strategically selected areas in Maryland showcasing your message in a MEGA presence, during peak hours (8-5PM) - Monday - Friday (5) days a week. We also offer extended hours for both evening and weekend hours (5-8 AM) or (8-11 PM) to customize your advertising package.

We are unique in a world where advertising is at every turn, as individuals we are constantly bombarded with a barrage of slogans and special offers but we at On the Move Marketing (OTM) will create a path, cutting through all the traffic using an all eyes on you approach! We can be your nuts and bolts changing gears in advertising in a bold bright new way, on the highways, steering the audience to your message and consciousness!